Winter Golfing Destinations

Some people rejoice when the colder weather sets in. In contrast, others lament those warm and sunny days. In particular, those who enjoy warmer weather sports tend to miss out on those summer months.

Naturally, many people cope with the colder season by traveling to warmer destinations. Here is a list of warm destinations perfect for golf fans in desperate need of a change of scenery.

Streamsong Resort, Bowling Green, Florida

It’ll come as no surprise to see a Florida location making the top of this list! Florida is a typical winter destination as people flee their colder states. Streamsong Resort is perfect for golfers, as it contains three different courses.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale is a beautiful and scenic destination that anyone would enjoy visiting. This is especially true for golfers, as countless golf courses are worth checking out. Noteworthy courses worth visiting include Grayhawk and We-Ko-Pa.

Coachella Valley, California

Coachella Valley is another popular destination for golf lovers looking to ditch the snow. Not only are there dozens of golf courses worth visiting, but the valley offers fantastic restaurants, festivals, and more.

Hilton Head, South Carolina

Next up on the list is Hilton Head, South Carolina. While Hilton Head is ideally suited to winter golfing, it isn’t one of the more common destinations — meaning that it will be less crowded. This is perfect for those looking for an escape from snow and crowds.

Kapalua Resort, Maui, Hawaii

Are you looking for an excuse to head towards Hawaii? Well, good news! Hawaii has several worthwhile golfing destinations, including Kapalua Resort. The Annual PGA Tour Sentry Tournament of Champions occurs here, so let there be no doubt on the course’s quality.

PGA West, La Quinta, California

PGA West houses a famous golf course by the name of Jack Nicklaus Tournament Course, and it is a worthwhile destination for any golfer. Better yet, the warmer weather and scenic location offer a variety of activities.

Royal Isabela Resort, Isabella, Puerto Rico

There’s always the Royal Isabela Resort for those hoping for a Caribbean destination. The courses here have a breathtaking view, as they are located on two-hundred-foot tall cliffs, all of which overlook the ocean.

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Patrick Reed is a PGA Golfer & Co-Founder of the Team Reed Foundation, a non-profit organization in Houston, Texas:

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Patrick Reed

Patrick Reed

Patrick Reed is a PGA Golfer & Co-Founder of the Team Reed Foundation, a non-profit organization in Houston, Texas:

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