The Challenges Charities Often Face

It is no secret that charities often face challenges. That is more true now than it ever has been before. The pandemic brought more challenges and changes, and charities were hit just as hard as the rest of the community.

The challenges that charities face are often across the board, meaning that knowing (and understanding) what they will face can help them prepare. Here are a few of the most common challenges charities face, and what to do about them.

A Reduction in Donations Trust and Transparency

It’s essential to understand what the general public is thinking and feeling right now. Go to any search engine and type in charitable organizations, and the odds are more than reasonable that the biggest news stories will be ones of corruption.

This is the exact opposite of how charities want to be regarded. They’re meant to be the heroes, the ones championing change and positivity. Unfortunately, a few rotten eggs have made matters worse for the rest.


It may seem odd to consider that technology and transparency go hand and hand, but they most certainly do. It’s because of technology that news travels around the world faster than ever. That can be a boon — and a risk. Look at the horrible examples in the charitable sector, and the latter is easy to understand.

This signifies that a significant change must occur. Marketing, availability, and openness are the first steps, but there will be plenty more to come.

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