Golfing With grindworksUSA

Every pro has a list of their preferred brands — companies that provide the gear they need to get the job done. When it comes to Patrick Reed and golfing, he knows he can count on grindworksUSA and its products.

The appreciation was mutual, resulting in grindworks and Patrick Reed agreeing to a collaboration . Now Mr. Reed not only golfs with their gear — but he’s helping to design it too. Having one of the perennial world top 20 players help customize their gear will result in higher quality products — something all customers will benefit from.


grindworksUSA is a Japanese golf brand, one with a keen eye for quality and design. Their ultimate goal is to create a brand that looks as good as it feels, meaning that they’re putting the golfers first.

Their approach is slow and steady, as they care more about quality than they do speed. The results matter more, and it shows in their chosen materials and finished products.

grindworks Gear

Now that Patrick Reed has joined the decision-making process, grindworks has created a new signature set — an 8-piece (3-PW) forged iron set, which is pro-golfer approved.

This set was specifically designed to meet the needs of Patrick Reed — the proof is available to anyone who wants it. Patrick Reed brought the set to the Hero World Challenge first in 2019 and later to the World Golf Championships in Mexico.

Neither the PR-101A nor Patrick Reed was willing to stop there. Both have carried onto competitions in 2020 and 2021, gaining at least one win and ranking 10th in the world. That may be partly due to the narrow sole, straighter leading edge, and speed muscle back of the PR-101A.

The PR-101 offers a variety of benefits, from stability to design and everything in between. What is interesting is that Reed opted to go with a design that featured grindworks as much (if not more than) his name/logo. To many, this looks like Reed was more concerned with creating a sound model over anything else.

It’s worth noting that this design is only the first to come from this collaboration, with hints already hitting the field with what could follow next.

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Patrick Reed is a PGA Golfer & Co-Founder of the Team Reed Foundation, a non-profit organization in Houston, Texas:

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Patrick Reed

Patrick Reed

Patrick Reed is a PGA Golfer & Co-Founder of the Team Reed Foundation, a non-profit organization in Houston, Texas:

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